I'm Nicholas. A designer living in Omaha, NE.

Posts from the Early Days Category

I’m not Batman, but I do post a daily photo of his routine in my office. Also, AIGA Nebraska is doing some kind of design war or war of design or great battle of design wars. All I know is they’re doing twenty-five minute competitions and one of them is design a logo. Close to my hour thing I’m doing soon, but they make it seem more cool to do it in less time. Screw that. I win.

Also, when I’m not feeling so ready to fall asleep I’ll be reviewing some work or lack of work I did last year, starting with one of my favorites, Analog.


I felt something in my stomach that could only mean one thing; mistake. I forgot to check the dimensions. Even an idiot knows what twelve plus twelve is, and the idiot that was making his way towards me was no exception. The only thing he was an exception to was healthy living. I could hear his oxygen mask from two hundred feet away. Not really, but I imagined that I could. Almost like a dinosaur stomping as it makes it’s way through whatever universe our creator let them explore before he decided for no reason, to destroy them. Well, almost all of them. The Loch Ness monster managed to escape the powerful wrath. I couldn’t help but wonder if our creator had stock in Scotland. It’s the only explanation. Well, that or Nessie doesn’t exist. Bullshit. If the creator exists, the mythical creature definitely exists.