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Today is my dad’s birthday. He’s a big Bears fan.

If there is one thing I learned from my dad when I was younger without him ever speaking to me directly about it, it’s to work hard. Work your ass off, and don’t complain. If you have a job, do your job.

I’d like to think this not only stuck with me, but I slowly adapted it for myself. Work hard, and also know when it’s time to get out. Know when you’re working too hard at something that doesn’t matter.

Don’t be afraid to quit, perhaps?

I’ve often advocated quitting to my friends. I quit school, I quit a few bad jobs, and now I’m happy. It works! Quit and you get somewhere…what a concept. Perhaps a Pecha Kucha talk? We’ll see.

Happy birth anniversary, pops.


The last time there was a mention of Tegan and Sara on here, there was a black and white photo. Well look at that, it happens again. Although last time it was a picture of the adorable Tegan, where as this time it’s just a boring photo I took.

Monday is the real start of the week, despite what people who say Sunday think. They’re just wrong.

The Monday that is tomorrow is the start of something new. The previous post had a “hint” image in it. In that image there were eleven lines, followed by nineteen lines.

Tomorrow, I start my new job at Eleven19. Oh, I’m so fucking clever.

I’m nervous, but those nerves are just my excitement telling me that good things are going to happen.

As for the Tegan and Sara reference, come on.


In the very near future, there will be a bit of change in my days. If you do not know, the clue is above. If that doesn’t help than you’ll have to just wait a day or so.

The majority of the time I feel nervous in my life, it’s due to excitement. This is most certainly one of those times.

Gentlemen to bed! For we leave at first light…on Monday.

You may or may not have noticed that this page looks different than it once did. It stayed one way for a long time, so there is that. However, it was time for a change. Nothing major, but I feel that this blog will just live better in this space. Especially as I might try and not worry about having an image to accompany each post. If there is one, great. If not, oh well.

I like the idea of words taking up just as much visual space as images do. However, when there are images, they’ll be bigger than before. Be happy for that if you’re really into images, or specifically big images.

Exciting things are happening. Taking some steps in a slightly new direction is always exciting.

Also, I believe I’m getting a new desk. Hopefully this desk. This potential excites me. Also, Secret Pint, the name of my inevitable music/design blog is slowly becoming a reality. The hope is that that will cause me to write more “personal” things on here. Which really just means posting more, because all things on here should relate to me specifically. Hopefully anyone reading can handle that.

I’m not Batman, but I do post a daily photo of his routine in my office. Also, AIGA Nebraska is doing some kind of design war or war of design or great battle of design wars. All I know is they’re doing twenty-five minute competitions and one of them is design a logo. Close to my hour thing I’m doing soon, but they make it seem more cool to do it in less time. Screw that. I win.

Also, when I’m not feeling so ready to fall asleep I’ll be reviewing some work or lack of work I did last year, starting with one of my favorites, Analog.


Someone once told me that when he got a full-time design job, he figured he’d go home each night and do nothing but still design. However, that isn’t what happened. It isn’t what has happened with me, either. Well, at least for the first thirty days or so.


From here up, as in literally up on the page and all posts above this, the blog will be different. I don’t have as much to document, or not document now, so I figured why not go slightly more traditional and showcase other work that I find online. While still showing some of my own, as I’m working on a few posters and what not.

Plus, here and there stories from my increasing experience in the professional world. So, as I do best, I evolve.