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All it can take is an email. Or effort, or drive, or the will to do it.

If there is someone who inspires you, gives you goosebumps, makes you feel happy, and generally kicks ass, then you need to meet them. Do what you need to do. Shake that hand. Tell them thank you, and tell them thank you again.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to meet Aaron Draplin. He thinks he’s a regular guy, but to many of us he’s a symbol of what we all should be and should believe in.

I was also lucky enough to have him thank me at the start of his presentation. All I did was send an email, but I’m glad I sent it.

A few years ago I sent Stefan Sagmeister a letter. I think I’ll do that again.

Reach out folks. Reach out.

Also, I am now a lifelong believer in the DDC.


Now that I have my sweet job at a real design studio, Eleven19, I don’t have to worry about doing the kind of work that would get me hired. What does that mean? It means I can do more fun little icons, random logo redesigns, and all sorts of other things that “don’t matter” but are just for fun.

Also, Aaron Draplin (one of my design heroes) will be speaking in Omaha in one week for AIGA Nebraska. Emailing your heroes and telling them you’d love for them to come speak where you live is totally worth it.

Sagmeister Inc. have updated their website with a new take on the old site.

I was rather surprised this morning to find out out it’s a live stream. When I visited yesterday, I thought it was just the shot of the office, which was clever enough. However, I underestimated the scope of it all. Even further, after writing that, I went and captured a new image to show the office alive and buzzing.