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Sagmeister Inc. have updated their website with a new take on the old site.

I was rather surprised this morning to find out out it’s a live stream. When I visited yesterday, I thought it was just the shot of the office, which was clever enough. However, I underestimated the scope of it all. Even further, after writing that, I went and captured a new image to show the office alive and buzzing.

Since hearing about Stefan Sagmeister in the film Helvetica, I’ve only grown more and more fond of him. His second book, titled Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far (inserts of this can be seen in the above image, such as the black x on yellow) is a daily inspiration to me. I’ve even written him, but sadly when I did he was on his yearly sabbatical, so he could not respond. However, someone in his office was nice enough to.


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