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Peter, put a shirt on. We have company.

I’m sure there will soon be some more Peter Saville on here, but this is just a small start. First, I absolutely love the photograph of him and the typeface that I just acquired.

The quote is rather straightforward and in a way a fist shaking at consumerism and branding and the role design plays in that and I have to find myself agreeing with the quote for the most part. Can we pick it apart and say, well, it doesn’t apply over here. Of course, but the fact is that it works and applies itself well and meaningfully to some aspect.

Design has always been an arm for consumerism, though and it’s nothing new. I would argue that years and years ago, when Saville is saying design wasn’t a cover for consumerism, it still was and in the same style as now. The difference is the abundance that we now see it in. It’s still the same cover today as it was years ago, but it’s not everywhere like we see now. Therefore, the instances where it’s used as something other than a cover for consumerism is now harder to come by.

There are not too many thoughts on this one…for now. It’s just a good quote and one that almost sits better with you when there is less surrounding it to take away from it’s simplicity.


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