I'm Nicholas. A designer living in Omaha, NE.

So I took a picture on my iPhone using Instragram. Don’t hate me.

I’m mostly only worried about Drew Davies and Adam Casey hating me, as they easily could after doing such a thing. However, I do not post the pictures on my Facebook or claim that they’re some attempt by me to be artistic or creative. They’re just for fun. That is all. I did post some on my Tumblr, though. So…check that out. Along with all the other insanely random things on there.

I’ve been pondering a return to school. Scary. Eventually, I want to teach. To do that, I need a BA or BFA, at least. I know it’s possible to do without, but not as easy and I don’t want to fight that battle as of now.

So then the questions are when do I go and where.

When, I have no idea. Maybe next year, maybe in four years. The longer I wait, the less chances there are of it happening. Where? Good question. If it’s around here, I could return to Bellevue since they’re program is now online. So I could do that at night and work during the day. Make money to spend money. Yuck.

I feel the time for me to to go a large design school has passed. Anything I’d get out of RISD, I can get out of an actual job which I feel that I’m qualified for. I wish a few years ago I would’ve went to a design school, but perhaps that just would’ve given me a sense of entitlement instead of the currently attitude I have of just working. I’m only where I am because of where I was, so I did something right.

This was far more wordy, but it didn’t save so I had to retype it. I’ll jump into it further soon enough. The thought of going into further debt right now sickens me. Although blogging about silly classes would be rather interesting.

Damn you WordPress. I liked what I typed before much more. Such is life.


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