I'm Nicholas. A designer living in Omaha, NE.

I designed a button for AIGA Nebraska’s One Inch Round competition a few years ago that all of this reminds me of.

One of the things I currently crave as a designer is a better working environment. Physical and mental, but for now we’ll focus on physical. I’m heavily affected by the environment I’m in when working. This includes everything from my desk, the floor and the walls to how the hallway is outside of the office. Currently, the office that I’m in is dreadful. It’s old, but not in a vintage way. More of a poorly designed and never kept up kind of way.

While I of course want to do good work and with with great people, I want to do it in a inspiring and comfortable office. I need a brick wall and a wood floor. Well, I’ll take one or the other at this point. Windows are a must. Also, high ceilings if possible. Four walls are ideal. Just one big open space.

I truly believe that if I was working with people who know what they’re doing, the working environment would just naturally occur.

I so desperately want to share a space with someone. Even if it was myself and other freelancers, just a little collaborative environment would be incredible. Perhaps it can happen some day.

In the very odd case that you’re a freelancer who wants the same thing and want to help me get my freelance feet wet, let me know. We can share a space and even a big table. Plus music. Lots of music.


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