I'm Nicholas. A designer living in Omaha, NE.

You may or may not have noticed that this page looks different than it once did. It stayed one way for a long time, so there is that. However, it was time for a change. Nothing major, but I feel that this blog will just live better in this space. Especially as I might try and not worry about having an image to accompany each post. If there is one, great. If not, oh well.

I like the idea of words taking up just as much visual space as images do. However, when there are images, they’ll be bigger than before. Be happy for that if you’re really into images, or specifically big images.

Exciting things are happening. Taking some steps in a slightly new direction is always exciting.

Also, I believe I’m getting a new desk. Hopefully this desk. This potential excites me. Also, Secret Pint, the name of my inevitable music/design blog is slowly becoming a reality. The hope is that that will cause me to write more “personal” things on here. Which really just means posting more, because all things on here should relate to me specifically. Hopefully anyone reading can handle that.


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