I'm Nicholas. A designer living in Omaha, NE.

I’ve been found.

So, another interview was conducted and another is on the docket for Monday.

The one that just happened went very well. Doesn’t mean I expect something out of it, but it does mean I left feeling more confident about my interviewing abilities. The ability to get to the point, but not be too short and the ability to easily answer any question about the work I’m showing. There was also a fantastic moment where I got a tour of the office and when I returned to the conference room, two employees who saw my book sitting on the table were flipping through it and said they really liked it. Yay! This made me smile.

The upcoming interview is more exciting than any of the previous three I’ve had, though. This is because I did not contact them, but they contacted me. Around a month ago I asked if my website could be put in the talent directory of NE Creative. I was, which made me fairly excited all by itself. However, what happened next was even more exciting.

A few days ago I received an email from a creative director, who for now, shall remain nameless. They said a friend of their’s saw my website on NE Creative and then saw my work. They then passed it along to said creative director. This person then told me they currently have an open position and they think I’d be a great fit. Say what? Yes, that is correct.

So, someone saw my work and then said they’d like to meet with me because they think I’d be a good fit where they work. I was speechless for a few minutes, and even thought that for a second my good friend Adam Casey was playing some insanely cruel joke on me. He was not, though.

So, the interview is Monday and I must say I’m pretty excited. I told myself that unless they think I’m a complete idiot, I may have a job. Then I realized the only way to go into this is the same way I went into the other three. I’m there to try and win them over. Not that I think they already like me, but that I must make them like me and my work.

A whole new stage has been reached no matter how the interview turns out, though, and that is knowing my work was shown and recommended to someone else. Excitement.

(the unnamed creative director is now my current boss, because I got the job)


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