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Designers are the only people who care about the process.

It’s true. Well, I believe it’s true. Those who understand the importance of the process can fully understand it. Those who are the inevitable target do not understand it, therefore do not find it important. That is more than alright, it’s how it should be.

Clients, or whoever is expecting the final work, do not care about how you got to that point. They care about why you got to that point. They don’t need to see sketches, rough layouts or thumbnails. They want to see a result.

The process is extremely valuable and critical, but only to those of us on the inside of it. To those of us who design. The consumer doesn’t think or care about the idea of the process, they just care about the idea that is a result of the process.

So, should they know about it? Should they understand it? Will it help them appreciate, respect and care for the end result? I don’t think so.

Educating them on why the result is there would be a far better exercise. If I show someone the path I took to get somewhere, they’ll only ask why it took me so long or why I didn’t get to the end earlier.

So, for now, let’s just keep the whole process thing between us, okay? Unless there is a better argument to not do so. If there is, I really want to hear it, as the possibility of it does excite me.


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  1. Joe #
    August 5, 2011

    I disagree. Process is the only evidence we have that design is usually… (1) not easy, (2) not fast, (3) requires pencil and paper, (4) requires real skill, and (5) requires real thought.

    Process is proof that the designer (not the software) is the real asset.

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