I'm Nicholas. A designer living in Omaha, NE.

I like that he’s almost always wearing a plan colored gray shirt.

Different for the sake of being different is certainly not better. There are two reasons why something is repeated. First, it works. Second, people are lazy and they repeat it because it works. Now, visual vomit also exists and is repeated, but for the sake of this, we’ll say we’re talking about things that most people would agree are aesthetically pleasing.

Literally anyone can do something different. That is, if their only goal is for it to be different and contain no other trait worth mentioning. A child can look around them and see that everyone is wearing blue and wear red, just to be different.

One of the most interesting strategies I can think of is to not turn the opposite way when seeing the same thing again and again and do it differently. Instead, I want to see how I can make said repeating piece better. If different is easy, improvement on an existing idea is at least mildly difficult, challenging and fun.

Plus, purposely doing something different for the no reason other than to be different, could lead you directly in the opposite direction of the perfect solution. So, we should never let some false sense of originality control us, especially when the solution could be right in front of us, just not in it’s most proper form.


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