I'm Nicholas. A designer living in Omaha, NE.

Headphones make me happy.

If I wasn’t designing, I’d want to be involved with music in some aspect. More so than I am now. Currently, I simply consume. Providing would be rather enjoyable, though. I was recently asked what helps me focus when working and my answer was ‘music’.

Nothing else helps me more and I don’t depend on anything else quite like it. To say it’s inspiring is an understatement and to say it puts me in a trance is close to the truth.

I’ve recently jumped further into electronica/ambient music more than I ever thought I would. The instrumental and post rock listening was most likely inevitably going to lead me here, but I didn’t ever think about it. In my younger days I would’ve classified it as ‘techno’ or even ‘garbage’. However, it’s now what gets me through the days as well as calms me and comforts me.

Here are a few albums to enjoy.

Aphex Twin Ambient Works 85-92
Baths Cerulean


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