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Who the shit is Kingsley Zissou?

Soon there will be several posts pertaining to The Sparano System, but for now, I give you the absolute tops for me. Not only great, but the greatest.

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Ever since viewing this film, I’ve been in love with it. The characters are immensely deep and the story centers around an artificial world that writer/director Wes Anderson masterfully crafted. This film makes me hysterically laugh and also nearly cry. It’s one of the sweetest films I’ve ever encountered and possibly the funniest.

Random typography note, when I first viewed it, I wasn’t too fond of the Futura Black in the title sequence, but have since learned to love it in all of Anderson’s films.

I’ve seen the film at least six times now and am always attempting to share it with others. If someone hasn’t seen it, I try and explain the premise and plot, which is hard to do unless I ramble on for fifteen minutes. So, fifteen minutes later they’re either interested or are at least fifteen feet away from me.

It’s the greatest and my favorite.

Lastly, film reference in the image above is yet another Adidas inspired one. This time, Steve’s limited edition shoes.


Artist Mogwai
Album Mogwai EP


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