I'm Nicholas. A designer living in Omaha, NE.

We learn just as much from criticism as we do from praise.

This quote is very wise advice. First, everyone should take something away from a critique. Well, a solid one. It’s hard to take something away from a group of misinformed peers who are only trained to say “I like it” and “I don’t like it”, along with other vapid and hollow statements.

Learning from a mistake is one thing, but this is a different realm. I can create what I feel is the perfect solution to an issue, yet if the person who makes the decisions (client, boss, etc.) doesn’t like it, then I’m pushed to do something that I either didn’t think of or that I was possibly afraid to try. Now, could I end up being pushed into the corner where my only option is the obvious solution that I ignored because it’s, well, obvious? Yes. However, as long as I don’t run to that solution first, I’ve grown, learned something and exercised my ability to create solutions, or solve problems.

I think there have honestly been times when I’ve shown work and I’ve wanted it to be rejected. Because I know only then will I be forced to come up with what I’ll eventually realize is a better solution. Why is it better? Well, it wasn’t rejected. Could the person who rejected my original solution be wrong? Absolutely. However, that certainly will not stop me from searching for what it is they’re looking for, before they know what it is.


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