I'm Nicholas. A designer living in Omaha, NE.

Sometimes you just need to throw something out there and stop tinkering with it.

Here and there for many months I’ve messed around with an identity for the website Zonal Marking. It’s a website dedicated to writing about soccer, usually breaking down matches and tactics in beautiful detail. The fella who runs the site has no idea I have been doing this, but I’d like to send him something in the future. For now, what I have is below.

Oh, but it’s so minimal. Yeah, I know. Simple execution, deeper significance.

Beautiful and entertaining soccer to watch is all about angles. Watch a team who prides themselves on passing the ball, and you’ll see triangles everywhere. There are always options, always more angles. However, it can also appear chaotic at times, which is actually just another form of beauty in this instance. So, all of those structures creating chaotic beauty? Perhaps it’s a start. We’ll see.


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