I'm Nicholas. A designer living in Omaha, NE.

Before an advertisement showed up on the sidebar of Facebook urging you to become a graphic designer and attend an online university. Before it was cool, hip, or trendy. Before it became about selling yourself instead of ideas. Before dressing like a graphic designer existed.

Before all of those mentioned above, it was about communication and the transference of ideas, messages, and cultural/social concepts.

Design has always been closely tied to the selling of goods, products and services that are not entirely essential to our survival. We’re convinced to buy things we don’t need, often with money we do not have, all as a plan to give someone more money than they know how to spend.

However, while that will always exist to an extent, its manageable. The newer trend is that of the designer who wants to be known for being a designer, and not for designing. This is not manageable, and this needs to be exiled into the darkest corners of the industry. These attention seekers and parasitic decorators who are only interested in the credibility that comes with being a designer in the modern day need to be vanquished. While I’m not entirely sure what credibility that is, it seems to exist. The proof of that is the fact that those individuals exist.

Design needs to be pulled from the hands of the uninitiated and unappreciative who pretend to practice it, and placed back in the hands of those who not only believe in its purpose, but live for its existence and proper practice.

Anything that is designed (with the intent of being a designed piece to communicate to a mass audience) with the primary goal being to gain notoriety for the person who designed it should be discarded and removed from the collective memory of design as a whole.

One more quote to go. Several more steps to take.


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