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Number seven, with a, err…ellipsis. No bullets allowed.

I can’t believe this is already the seventh. When I was typing the title, I actually thought it was only number five, maybe six. I was wrong, here goes the seventh which will be the first of several Paul Rand quotes I’m sure.

This quote struck me, as today I felt as if it was already going through my head. I actually made a statement today basically saying I didn’t want to show several ideas just to show them. Okay, so it wasn’t as elegant as Rand, but he was a pretty fantastic guy.

I’ve always felt that in design, the phrase quality not quantity worked quite well. Alright, so it works rather well when related to most things, but it’s just because it’s true.

It seems in design that sometimes far too much stock is put into coming up with ideas and not developing and formulating well thought out ideas. If you show someone five ideas to solve their problem, they’re likely to pick one because you showed them so many. It’s as if it’s a strategy to get by and not to find a solution. If you show someone one or two solutions, they’re more likely to say no, and then you come up with something else. To me it’s just logic that if you show someone a ton of examples, your chances of them picking one they like goes up.

I could be wrong, though. I’m wrong often.

Anyway, if you show someone a mass of ideas, the probability of them all being good is just not very high. Could you come up with several good ideas over the course of a few weeks or months, yes. But in a short amount of time so you can throw them at someone, unlikely.

I feel as I’m getting lost in my thoughts, so that is all.


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