I'm Nicholas. A designer living in Omaha, NE.

Nobody likes the words.

After posting my first two mixes on 8 Tracks, I’ve received a total of 32 plays and 10 ‘Likes’. So far so good I’d say. Interesting thing is that 8 ‘Likes’ have come on the instrumental mix. That is right people, keep eating up the goodness that is a lack of lyrics which only get in the way.

Two new mixes have been posted and one already has a play and a ‘Like’. Hooray. Same as last time, one instrumental and one not.

Some Crap About the Future

Friend of the Night (instrumental)

Enjoy and be sure to let me know if you listened. Also, make your own. That means you, the one in the really warm office with the accent. I’m talking to you.


Best Indie Movie Mix (decided that if I’m listening to an 8 Track’s mix, I should just put the link and not the song, artist or album.)


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