I'm Nicholas. A designer living in Omaha, NE.

It’s hard to accept and sad to realize, but design is definitely at that point.

Well, not always. However, not a day goes by in which I’m not a little surprised at how instead of usability being obvious and ubiquitous, it is instead discussed and pondered for hours and hours.

Yes. Things need to be usable. It’s not a discussion. It’s a fact. So, let’s get past accepting it and start implementing it. Let’s make it better, easier, faster and more enjoyable. Instead of aiming for a goal that should have been surpassed years ago, let’s try and achieve something now that most don’t think could occur until several years into the future.

Are we really at the point in which the main focus is for things to be usable? We’re not to the point where non-usable things don’t find their way into the world? I guess I dream more often than I realize. So, since we’re in this awful reality, I guess it’s just best to do what we can now that (hopefully) everyone realizes we’re a bit behind.

I fear that since we’re just now accepting that things need to be usable, we’re not collectively to the point of knowing who we’re designing for. It’s also a step that should have been surpassed years ago, yet some will stumble upon it tomorrow morning.


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