I'm Nicholas. A designer living in Omaha, NE.

I wasn’t always a typophile.

So, time to randomly reveal a secret or two or an embarrassing detail about my short life so far in design. Really, it can be anything in general as well. Typing it will hopefully make me feel better to finally just get it out there.

When I started in school, I liked Papyrus. I even went as far as telling my professor it was one of my favorite typefaces. This was in the first week or so. I quickly learned otherwise and now rank it in my top three worst typefaces, along with Comic Sans and the absolute worst due to it’s original purpose, Arial. Although, I think those are the top three for most people. Well, some people might throw Helvetica in there, but my thoughts on that are coming in the future.

Let’s keep it to design for now.

Sometimes when I get frustrated while using InDesign files that were set up by someone else, I forget to check master pages. You see, they never used them before, but sure enough on the one file I freak out on, they used them.

Lastly, I can not convert inches to picas in my head. Wait, can you? I didn’t think so. Ha. I’m working on it. Or, we could just not measure using inches and their diabolical decimals. I like that idea even more.


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