I'm Nicholas. A designer living in Omaha, NE.

Stop complaining and feel flattered.

I’ve worked enough mindless jobs in my life to know that the person doing the most can often seem to be getting the least attention. It all comes down to expectations. If you do your job/task enough times, it becomes expected of you that you always do it. This isn’t a burden, it’s a compliment. Trust is nothing to turn your nose up at.

If someone is not surprised that you accomplished something, remember that it could be that they knew you would do it. There is no surprise, as to them, you already did it.

People who do things, only to look around them after they’ve completed it to wait for compliments or a pat on the back are not someone who should ever be trusted to do anything. They’re not doing it so it can get done. They’re doing it so they can feel better.

It’s okay to feel awkward when you’re getting continuous praise for something which you deem to be “doing your job”. You’re not different, you just have the proper mindset to succeed.

Be someone who accomplishes things. Not someone who does things so they feel accomplished.


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