I'm Nicholas. A designer living in Omaha, NE.

I can’t pass it up.

I never give up the chance to share anything relating to evolving. Those of us who choose to do otherwise will be left behind and many already have been. I’m not talking about those above the age of fifty knowing how to use a computer or those brave people who do not have a Facebook account. I’m referring to the change that happens more inside of us. Theories, opinions and feelings should all ebb and flow as we continue through our life. Those who remain stuck in place literally can not go any further than where they decided to stop.

Bob Dylan once said as a young musician he hoped to always remain in a constant state of becoming. Since hearing that, I’ve tried to do the same. I pride myself on having a differing opinion on subjects now than I had last month, last week or even yesterday. The more I learn and experience, the more I change and evolve. It’s absolutely essential to survive, because just as Armin points out, if you’re not doing it than someone else is.

In terms of design, it’s been daily evolution for me. Whether it’s adapting to the people I’m working with and for or realizing that I can do one thing better than another, it’s constant. The other term I ran across before was ‘forever in motion’. It’s always been my goal to come up with a simplistic visual symbol for this, but I’ve yet to do so. Although, I thought I came close with this.

My small fear has always been that I will stop moving due to being happy where I inevitably will land. However, I’ve come to realize that even then, its second nature for me not to stop. The only way I will inevitably get to that place where I initially thought I’d stop is because I didn’t stop. I can’t stop. Is there a negative side? Absolutely.

I’ve left behind or moved on from several friends in my life due to feeling as if I no longer shared anything with them but memories. There was nothing to come and nowhere to go and eventually, there was separation. The same thing has happened just inside design for me. The “style” or pieces I once enjoyed I no longer do after realizing that I could no longer give them anything and they gave me nothing.

Is this all a bit odd sounding? Possibly, but it’s just how I operate.


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