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No subtractions, just two additions.

Awhile ago I posted ‘My Ideal Whatever’ as a first edition, and now the second has arrived. Two new additions which are eleven and twelve on the list. The first comes from me being alright with knowing that it’s okay to want people around you who believe the same things. You believe the same things, you don’t believe in the same things and you agree on what works and what doesn’t. The whole idea of surrounding yourself with people who disagree with you is absurd. When something does eventually get done, everyone but one person will feel it’s not right, but won’t say it. Instead, they stand there biting their lip and inevitably just leave.

I want to be surrounded by people who I can agree with, but who get to the conclusion differently than I do. We want the same thing, but we know different ways of doing it. This way we learn from each other, but never argue that the end result is right or wrong.

Second, it can be too easy to rely on a few tricks to complete something. Whether it’s something you did two weeks ago or two years ago, recycling ideas is not fun. It’s not a matter of being forced to do it, but of forcing yourself not to. If the things put in front of you didn’t allow you to, you’d be better off.

My Ideal Whatever…
1. Pairs me with those who are just as passionate as I am.
2. Is located in an inspirational setting.
3. Is associated with music in an aspect other than me wearing headphones.
4. Gives me the opportunity to develop creative solutions.
5. Forces me to constantly meet new people.
6. Takes me out of a current comfort zone and helps me establish new ones.
7. Places no requirements on personal style or mandates what is commonly known as “dressing up”.
8. Is part of a community.
9. Allows me to work flexible hours. 11 to 7 over something as ridiculous as 9 to 5.
10. Lets me work for people who truly value what I do.

11. Surrounds me with people who believe the same things I do, but who think differently than I do.
12. Forces me to not rely on the same solutions more than once.


Artist Tycho
Album The Daydream/The Disconnect


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