I'm Nicholas. A designer living in Omaha, NE.


“They disconnect who they are to allow you to experience what they create.”
(Paul Williams in reference to Daft Punk)

It’s a gorgeous quote, and an even more gorgeous practice. It is in reference to the anonymity that surrounds Daft Punk with the use of their legendary helmets.

I think designers should disconnect themselves more. Not from their work, but from acknowledgement and the idea that being something is as important as creating something.

I’ve meet a few designers who seem more interested in having themselves judged as opposed to their work judged. Instead of their work communicating, they make feeble attempts at communicating their presence through their appearance, awards, or personality.

I’d rather put forth things to be enjoyed, which allows me to enjoy what I do, as opposed to putting myself forward in hopes I’ll enjoy myself.

Also, yes, I’m really enjoying the new Daft Punk album.


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